Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Not too much exciting has been going on the last couple of days. Here's the highlights:

1. Man, I had a huge, honkin' piece of popcorn kernel stuck way back in my back teeth for a couple of days, way down below the gums. And I was brushing, and flossing, and picking, and trying everything to get it out. And my gums were starting to get sore and irritated. So I finally got that son of a bitch out on Sunday after an acrobatic flossing session. It feels a lot better now.

2. The Jeanners and I have been enjoying some nice walks lately. Mostly over to the Rotunda, but then on Monday night we had an impromptu date where we continued on into Hampden and had dinner at the Golden West Cafe. I had the thing I had last time (April 14, 2006. Read all about it.) with the fried egg on top. Pretty tasty...

3. Sunday was a strange day. I expected it to be pretty awesome because Jeannie and I were both off, but then it rained pretty hard for part of the day, and Jeannie wasn't feeling very well, so I ended up spending most of the day online figuring out how to pimp Jeannie's new cell phone illegally. We bought a Razr (because we're sixteen year old girls and it makes us feel pretty) and it only came with a lame demo version of 'Bejeweled,' so I had to get some games for that bastard.

The details of our August trip to Ohio have been hashed out, and we're planning taking a day trip while we're there to some sort of lake with fun and exciting outdoor activites. Should be a good time...

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