Monday, August 12, 2013

A Young Congregation

My parents were here visiting over the weekend.  It went OK, although the visit was probably about a day too long and we had to struggle a little bit to find something to keep my mom occupied.  Keeping her occupied keeps her from continually suggesting that we work on our house.  In addition to that suggestion, she also suggested we:

1.  Send our child to a Catholic grade school that she knows nothing about. 
2.  Put a stick on our curtains so they're easier to close.
3.  Put our vincas in the sun, where they would thrive. 

But, aside from those suggestions getting a little annoying, it wasn't too bad.  Coulda been a lot worse.  And the visit was otherwise enjoyable.  It was fun watching my Mom and Dad play with Sam, and also fun that we were able to get a semi-major job scratched off our house-list with the help of my Mom and Dad. 

But they left this morning, and Jeannie and I are looking forward to life getting back to normal.  We had a meeting this morning with a woman who will probably be watching Sam for a couple of days a week when I go back to work in September.  We both liked her, and she's in the neighborhood, and relatively inexpensive, and Sam immediately started playing in her house and didn't really want to leave, so we'll probably end up using her.  It feels good to have a solution for that particular problem. 

Ok, gotta go.  Gotta take a car to the shop for a recall of the passenger airbag and other minor repairs.