Sunday, October 26, 2014

There are lots of songs in this boat.

Tonight I'm having what I like to call my "Russian Dinner," which consists of alcohol (usually beer but tonight G&T), and bread with butter.  I call it my Russian Dinner because it's what Dostoevsky always describes people having for meals in his novels:  beer and bread.  It probably goes without saying, but I usually only eat this when Jeannie is not home for dinner for some reason.  Also, it's not what Sam had for dinner.  Although I did take him with me to the liquor store today, where he gleefully told the other patrons that we were buying gin.

He has been an absolute terror at bedtime lately, probably because he was up too late because we had stuff going on.  Normal bedtime tonight, though, and he went down ok and so far hasn't woken up too much.

Last night we went to the Patterson Park lantern parade, which he loved and I enjoyed as well.  Not sure if I was gonna like it, but I had a pretty great time.

Richard II opened last night, and looks pretty good, I think, so now it's on to the next one:  A Christmas Carol.  I was feeling pretty stressed about CC, but tonight I sat down and made a build schedule and am feeling much better about it.

The Jeanners took some time off last week and was able to trim out the windows in our bedroom.  It's quite awesome.  Someday when we're old(er) and gray(er), and we finish this place, it's going to be pretty nice.  

What else?  Been feeling incredibly incredibly lucky lately.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ricardo Dos

I'm reclining in bed right now, typing on my phone.  The Jeanners is working on work.  I had planned on going to bed tonight at like 8 o'clock, but it didn't happen.  Worked on a design for Christmas Carol instead.  It needs to be done by Friday so that they can start rehearsing on Sunday.  Not looking forward to that show, but I got some good work done on it tonight.  In a few minutes, J and I are going to watch a Friends or two and then hit the hay. 

Samuel is such a little boy now it's crazy.  He's getting so grown up.  I guess I should take this opportunity to bury the news that the Jeanners and I are going to have another baby right in the middle of this post.  (The burying of the news is happening in the middle of the post, not the having of the baby).  So we're trying to introduce Sam to the idea of having another baby around, but I don't think he gets it yet.

Been enjoying U2's new album.  It took a few listens to get into it, but now I'm thinking it's their best album since Achtung. 

What else?  Work has been busy but not crazy busy.  I guess it's a little weird that 12 hour days 6 or 7 days a week just feels normal now, but there are a few tricks that help keep things balanced:  come home for dinner and try to be home by 10.  Jerns has really been holding down the fort, though, (in addition to her job), so once this show opens I'm going to try and keep some shorter work hours.

It feels pretty darned good to be working on artistic pursuits.  I'm also really enjoying working on lighting (I had kind of been dreading it), and I like it when the sets I build end up looking lime the drawings I drew. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why are YOU crying?

Samuel has started telling jokes.  Like, bona fide jokes.  Knock knock jokes that he doesn't quite understand the mechanics of, and a joke for which he changed the punch line.  Joke should go like this:  Q: Why was the broom late?  A: Because it swept in.  Samuel has changed the joke to this:  Q: Why was the broom late?  A: Because it flipped over.

If you tell him the correct punchline, he says, "Noooooo, I changed it!"

Anyway, he's been cute.  We went on a trip with my folks to the beach, and had a good time.

My brain is a little scattered right now.  Hard to focus on writing.

Work has slowed down a bit, but the next two weeks should be pretty hectic as we close and strike Midsummer and open Richard II.   But it's fun.  It's fun to make a living working on shows with people that, for the most part, I enjoy working with.

Been reading the latest David Mitchell novel.  It's OK.  A little bit too sci-fi/fantasy-ish in some parts, but not bad.

done fer now