Monday, March 26, 2012

Janet van Arsehole

Here's what's been going on:

The Jeanners and I are finishing up our mini-vacation in downtown Baltimore. Not really a vacation because we've still had to go to work and baby-delivering class and stuff, but still makes Baltimore feel kinda new and strange. The floor refinishing is finished (and looking nice, by the way), and the house has been airing out for the last 2 days. Tonight we will be sleeping in our own bed once again.

Saturday we hit some estate sales and moving sales around town, and then ended up going out to what ended up being a kind of mansion up in Northern B-more county, where a dude named Bruce was selling a bunch of his stuff so he could move to DC. Ended up getting a couple of rugs at a great price, I think because he really just pitied us. Note: if you ever want a good deal on household furnishings, take along a cute pregnant wife.

So, this week there is some priming and painting in the works, and then the J-Dog's folks are coming out next week to deliver some baby stuff that our families had in St. Louis and are passing along to us.

T-minus less than four weeks. Zoiks!