Thursday, November 10, 2016


Yesterday morning, when Samuel came into our room at 6:30, still in his PJ's, I told him that Donald Trump had won the election.  He climbed into bed next to me and said one word:


I can't think of anything more elegant or more fitting than that to say on the subject, so I won't.

Life speeds along.   Samuel seems to be maturing a bit - fewer tantrums and more frequently kind to and entertained by his sister.  Anna is a sweet little cutie - a singer and a dancer and a smiler.  Their recent enjoyment is to climb up on the couch and bounce their heads against the back while listening to music.

The biggest hurdle right now (with the exception of trying to figure out how to navigate a crumbling democracy that will no doubt be replaced by roving bands of armed white-power hooligans) is figuring out how to cut through our family members' various schedules.  Jeannie's work has become somewhat engaging and fulfilling again, which means that she actually has a reason to spend time there, and my work still keeps me there sometimes for long stretches, and Samuel's in school 5 days now, and Anna's in daycare some days, etc etc etc.

So the trick is finding time for Jeannie and I to spend time together, and just be like normal people instead of crazy parent-people.

Worked on a cool set that I didn't design.  It was a pain to build and drove me a little bit crazy, but it ended up working, so I'm pleased.

Also designed and built the set for Othello, about which I felt 'meh.'