Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chunky Beef

I just erased a large rant about why I feel like the world is becoming a stupid place to live.

The Jeanners and I got some good work done this weekend - parts of the house are actually starting to look like parts of a house. I'm starting to feel a little run down. I've started making a list of things I need to get done every day. I hate that shit. I'm not a list-maker by nature. I like to not have a plan and just figure shit out. But I seem to get a lot more done when I make a list, and I think there's a lot to get done right now.

What I need right now: a four day weekend spent in Ohio with the Schluetermetz' and Uncle Rico, with one day in the middle where Jeannie and I take off by ourselves and get massages and DQ Blizzards.

I also wouldn't mind another steak dinner from Applebee's. Did I mention that Jeannie took me to Applebee's a few weeks ago and it was just about the best thing I've ever eaten? I know I shouldn't like Applebee's, and mostly I don't, but jeez that was a tasty steak.

I am waiting for impending rainstorms. I am also procrastinating.

Breakfast for dinner?