Friday, May 30, 2014

3 wins -- 2 from the Death Spot

Last night the Beej and Pat and I played our geek card games until the weee hours of the morning out at the theatre offices.  Then I just crashed on the couch at the office because I didn't feel like driving home and then back a few hours later.  It was a good time, a bachelor party of sorts for the Beej, although it will surely go down in history as the dorkiest bachelor party that ever was.  No strippers, just Doritos and Coca Cola and adult diaper rash.

Been building the set for the summer show.  It's been going pretty well.  I've got a crew of 3.5 people, and they've been great to work with.  Not great carpenters, but they work hard and if they don't know how to do something they ask me to do it or they ask me to show them how, which I appreciate.  I've tried to be respectful of their time, and I think it's been going well so far.  We're on schedule, and I hope to be finished by the end of the next week.

Things continue briskly at the building, as well.  Several of the pieces of the construction that I've been in charge of coordinating are coming to fruition -- phone and data network is being set up, security system is going in, AV equipment is getting installed.  It's pretty exciting, and (so far) things are working as planned.  If we can pull this thing off, it will be a miracle.

The Jeanners is off gettin' her hairs cut right now.

Samuel's been cute lately (mostly).  We've been prepping him for BJ's wedding -- explaining that it's kind of like a party, and there will be lots of people there looking at him, and that he'll get to hold a pinwheel.  Also explaining that Abby is not Abby from B&N but rather a different Abby.