Sunday, July 22, 2012


What the hell's going on?  Not much.  I got home from work tonight (work which was very boring, and stupid, and pointless) and watched a couple of FRIENDS episodes with my ladyfriend, while our offspring slept and dreamt, and we ate chips and salsa.  And my ladyfriend added cheese to the salsa, which was the best idea that anybody had all day. 

All of the vowels on this keyboard are having problems.  Well, at least E and O.  I've had to go back and re-type like 50% of them in. 

Also, gin and tonic from a jar. 

I think Sam is getting to the point where he's so cute that it's becoming problematic for Jeannie and I.  Or maybe we're getting to the point where we think he's so cute that we start becoming big pains in the ass. 

Are you having problems figuring out what to get me for my birthday?  Easy.  Get me an Onkyo TX-8050.  You're welcome. 

I should really go to bed.