Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Today has been a Tuesday spent, thus far, like many other Tuesdays of the last few months:  the dude and I head down to the harbor to look around. 

First stop, the 10,000 lb granite ball outside of the 'Ripley's Odditorium' that is suspended on 1/8" of water and spins around.  The dude loves to watch it spin, and loves to watch the bubbly water go down the drain.  He usually says of this, "Big....ball.....turning...."

Next up, we walk down to the Science Center and check out the big boats, life rings, and any trucks along the way.  Also we are on the lookout for any tugboats and rowboats.  When we get to the Science Center, we touch the sculpture-ish things outside and then turn around.  On the walk back, we have a good view of the skyline so we look at tall buildings and also any steam that might be coming out of some of the buildings.  Also helicopters, birds, and airplanes. 

We pass by the giant ball again, so we have to stop and touch it again, and usually by this time the odditorium's front garage-door type door is open and they are blasting the three tunes that they play on repeat:  Katy Perry's 'California Girls,' Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger,' and a third one that I don't know.  He stops in and dances for a little while, also checks out the large robotic T-Rex made out of found objects. 

Then we head over to the B&N, passing by the 9/11 memorial that he always wants to touch but that I never let him touch, the exterior of the aquarium - where they have some outdoor speakers that always, and I mean ALWAYS, seem to be playing the exact same lick of piano and soprano sax music as we walk by, and the boats that look like dragons, which when we pass them he says he's going to eat the dragons and thinks he's being very funny. 

Once we get to the B&N, Sam looks for a tall security guard who is there sometimes and who Sam calls 'Sir.'  We go upstairs and look at the fish in the aquarium and then head to the cafe, where we share a chocolate chip cookie.  Then we head over to the trains in the kids department.  The dude plays with trains and reluctantly shares the trains if there are other kids there.  This is usually a spot where I get to check my phone and see if I've gotten any e-mails yet. 

Then we leave B&N and head back to the car, passing by a bunch of this shit again, and of course we have to stop in and say goodbye to the big granite ball and dance inside the odditorium for just a minute.  Back to the car, drive home, have lunch, change diaper , put on PJ pants, read a book, and take a nap.  Which is where he is right now.  And I am procrastinating doing some work. 

That's our Tuesday mornings.  Time to do some work!