Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger. Lots going on to keep me busy, and writing about what's going on seems far less important than it did back in the days when I didn't have anything going on.

My parents were here for a visit, and I think everybody had a pretty decent time. The key, I think, is getting the hell out of the house. We headed down to the Eastern Shore for the weekend, had beautiful weather all weekend, got to play on the beach, etc. When we got back to our place on Sunday evening, we had a nice dinner of ravioli, complete with red wine and some Italian music on the cd player. Good dinner and good conversation, too. Probably the highlight of the visit for me.

Now the Jeanners and I are both on vacation for a week, trying to get some shit done. Mostly we've been working outside, doing a lot of planting, but we've also got a little bit of work done inside, too. Hopefully we will be tearing into the kitchen in a major way before the week is over. I also need to get some work done on the touring set for CSC's upcoming school matinees.

Feeling busy, feeling somewhat accomplished, enjoying spending time with my sweetheart. I think we'll be heading off to bed now.