Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At the End of the Tour

Well, this season's high school tour is over.  Can't say I will miss it, although it was nice having an excuse to not think/obsess about the building.  I think what I will remember most about this tour is the mornings -- they were quite wonderful.  Usually I would arrive at the school a little bit before the truck and I would find the people that we needed to find, and figure out the best place for the truck to go, and then wait.  And one particular day it was just a beautiful day and as I sat on a stone bench outside and waited I felt very connected to the world around me, as cheesy as that sounds.  And then this morning, I was tired and it was overcast, and as I drove through the city and watched people walking around and crossing the street, I had a very strong "none of this is real and everything is a dream" sensation and it felt kind of beautiful and moving.  Anyway, I like moments like that.

Sam had his second birthday on Saturday.  It was great.  He understood that it was a special day for him (it really helped that Jeannie went out on Friday night and picked up some decorations so that when he woke up on Saturday he walked through streamers going into the living room -- he knew right away that something pretty cool was up) and he enjoyed getting presents, and he just really seemed to enjoy himself, playing with his new toys and eating cupcakes.  He's been pretty cute lately, although last night at bedtime he had a major freak the fuck out.  But then again tonight he was perfect.

Tomorrow my aunt and uncle are coming for a visit and we're going to go to dinner.  Hopefully it'll be uneventful.

What else?  My b-hole has felt funny lately.  And not funny ha-ha.