Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Downtown Julie Brown!

Ugh.  Haven't written in a million years.  What's the point?  Work, work, work, blah, blah, blah, Sam, Sam, Sam, blah, blah, blah, poop, Jeannie, work, yada yada yada.  That's about it for my life right now.

My brain feels like it is going at about 100 mph about 80 percent of the time now.  Luckily, it still seems to be able to shut down most nights.  For a couple of weeks now I've been having beers here and there.  No G&T's yet, though.  The beers taste delicious, by the way.

Sam is talking up a storm.  He says fun things like, "What's up, Dawwwg?" and "Downtown Julie Brown!"

The fam and I leave for a brief trip to Ohio beginning tomorrow evening.  We're gonna drive for a few hours tomorrow night and then shack up at a hotel.  Finish up the drive on Friday.  During this trip I plan on:                            
                   1)   letting other people play with my kid while I take a nap and
                   2)   hitting up Steinmetz for free scenic design advice.

Katie the World Traveler is probably having a baby AS WE SPEAK....!!!  I hope it's going well.  Childbirth is the stupidest process I have ever been witness to.  Ugh.  So stupid.