Sunday, August 05, 2012

Go the _____ to Sleep.

Hmmm.  Sam's schedule seems all messed up the last day or so.  Not eating real well, not sleeping real well.  Which makes him get hungry like every hour, and then fall asleep as soon as he starts eating.  Ugh.  Tough on the Jeanners.  She's trying to catch a few more ZZZ's before she gets up to head off to yoga class at 10:45 this morning.  Will she go?  I think she probably will.

I'll be heading into work this afternoon, maybe going out for a drink afterwards.  Haven't had drinks with any work folks in quite awhile (since January), mostly because there are a lot of lames working at the Nobes these days. 

The Jeanners and I will be heading to Atlanta in a coupla days.  She has to go for work, and I am travelling as child care.  We will only be there from Tuesday to Thursday, but it will be nice to get away for a little while.  I've got an aunt and uncle living there that we'll be meeting up with.  I am now going to google the hotel and check out the amenities.  Hoping for sauna or steam room.


I get the impression no sauna or steam room.  But that's OK.  It looks like a snazzy hotel.  I can (sniff) make do without a sauna or steam room.

I cut the grass the other day and did one hell of a trimming job.  I feel much better about myself.

Reading the Carolyn Cassady book is making me feel like I'm going to go on a Kerouac binge next.  But I'm also jonesin' for a re-read of Infinite Jest.  What to do?

I've been enjoying the new Bobby Womack album, even though it's pretty weird.  90's beats, a kinda nasal old-ish black man singing, and sparse piano.  But it all adds up.