Monday, March 12, 2012


Right now there are two drywall guys working in the other room. They are listening to the radio, to what I assume is the Baltimore equivalent of K-SHE (that's KSHE95 FM, Real Rock Radio, for all you non-St. Louisans). So far I have heard ZZ Top, The Who, and Van Halen, among others. They are occasionally singing along, and seem to be good guys. One of them has called me Danny. I did not introduce myself this way, but I don't mind it.

Not too much else going on. I went over to Art's house the other night, at the invitation of Ian, and had a good time playing some guitar but mostly listening to other folks play. My guitar was sounding like shit, probably because of keeping it out in the car and then bringing it inside to play. I must learn to take better care of my things, as my mother has always said. Then yesterday the J-Dog and I had birthing class and then spent the rest of the day getting the rooms ready for the drywall guys.

People have started giving us stuff for the baby, and Futurebaby's bedroom is beginning to fill up with junk. Not really junk, but stuff that we have no immediate use for and therefore seems like clutter at the moment. Yesterday the Jeanners and I agreed on a girl's name for the first time. I'm not going to say what it is, because most likely Jeannie will change her mind within the next few weeks, anyway. She seems to do that whenever we agree on something.