Thursday, January 28, 2016

Boom Shacka Locka Shacka Locka Shacka Locka

Alright, dammit, I'm gonna write more in this thing even though I don't have anything to write!  And then you'll all be so fucking sorry that you stopped reading it when I wasn't writing!  Cause you'll come back and see that there's SO much to catch up on, and how could you possibly have the time to catch up on it all?, and you'll start to cry and fall to your knees and bang your hands on the ground.

And that's when I'll approach you and stoop down, and take your chin in my hand and draw your face upwards and say, "It's OK, my child.  You don't have to read it all right now.  Just read a little bit every day and eventually you'll be caught up.  Because I couldn't possibly write enough to post things faster than you can read them."  And we'll both have slow smiles that spread across our faces, and they'll eventually erupt into huge swells of laughter, and the sun will go down slowly over the ocean that's behind us and it will turn everything a soft incandescent yellow and orange and then eventually red.  And then go out.

I filed our taxes tonight.  Big ol' hunka cash  be floatin' our way.  Probably will eventually make its way into the hands of certain unnamed Johns Hopkins surgeons.  Or endocrinologists.  Or maybe the Quik-E-Mart down the street because I discovered tonight that they have 1.75 liter bottles of New Amsterdam gin for the same price as the liquor store that I had been driving to, previously.  But anyway, in all seriousness our tax return will probably be spent on cabinets and a stove and a refrigerator.  And hopefully some of it saved.

What else?  Not a damn thing.  Samuel wen back to school today, which was GLORIOUS, but I kept Anna at home because I didn't want to dump her on the babysitter, who's own children were still home from school and who therefore would have like 25 kids at her house.  Samuel's been having tantrums at dinnertime, which are a pain in the ass for everyone.

Is there a difference between a stove and a range?

The outside of a pineapple is called a rind.  My mother-in-law asked me to google it today.

David Bowie died a couple of weeks ago!  I wasn't sad, exactly, but it feels harder to breathe in a world with no David Bowie.

Also, a person who worked very closely with the theater company died unexpectedly a few days ago.  Like, really unexpectedly.  Younger than me.  We weren't best friends or anything, but he was the type of person who was liked by everybody, and over the last few years, he's definitely shaped the way we do shows.  So his loss will be felt by a lot of people, and the work will be less fun without him around.