Friday, October 19, 2012

Crack Cocaine-ifier

Yesterday was a pretty terrible day.  The Jeanners and I have been trying to break Sam of his pacifier habit, and he's completely addicted to it.  So he didn't sleep very well the night before, and he didn't sleep very well yesterday.  And neither she nor I had slept very much for the previous few nights.  So it was no fun.  And then at the end of the afternoon he took a big shit (the biggest I've seen to date) which leaked out of his diapers and all over the inside of his clothes.  When I took off his diaper to change him, the diaper was wall-to-wall poop, from front to back.  I used about 1/2 a package of wipes. 

But then, miraculously, last night Jeannie and I had a date, and it was really really nice.  We've had tickets for awhile to go see Mike Birbiglia, and he was funny even though he did all of the same material that we had already heard on the radio and made us like him in the first place.  And we went to Ban Thai for dinner before the show, which really is one of my favorite places in Baltimore for a date-dinner.  Plus, Nyoka was babysitting, and we both know and like Nyoka, and Sam knows Nyoka, so we were able to go out and not worry and forget for a few hours that we have a kid who, at the moment, just for the day, was a pain in the ass. 

We are going to be buying fireplace doors and I am super-psyched.  I hope they are not too hard to install.  But once we've got 'em and it gets cold I am gonna be lightin' fires like a mofo. 

Anyway, today's been going a lot better than yesterday.  I should really take this opportunity (the opportunity of Sambone taking a nap, that is) to go make some breakfast.