Monday, June 24, 2013

Home Alone 3 (or, SHOWERPUFF DOWN!)

The Jeanners has left for the day, and she will be traveling to Atlanta, where she will be spending the next 3 days.  So I am home alone with the little dude, left to fend for ourselves with no feminine assistance.  Here's what I am predicting:

1.  A decent amount of time at the Y.

2.  Lots of Civilization III playing after the dude has gone to bed.

3.  Probably not a lot of leafy greens goin' on. 

4.  Attempts to clean the house and get it ready for a week's worth of visitors that will be commencing on Thursday. 

This morning I made a mosquito trap.  It will hopefully decrease the number of mosquitoes in our yard as the number of mosquitoes inside the trap increases.  I am skeptical, but hopeful. 

I think I have been settling into unemployment nicely, thank you very much.  Although to be honest, being unemployed from B&N doesn't feel all that different than being employed at the B&N.  In a weird way.  I just don't have to go there anymore.  But really, for a good chunk of the week I didn't have to go there during the day, anyway, and then there were lots of nights that I didn't have to go there, either.  So think that my schedule there was just erratic enough that it makes the absence of the schedule seem not that different.  Don't know if that makes any sense. 

It's taken me like 4 hours to finish this blog post.  I hope the time and effort shows in its well-craftedness.