Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Worked my last changeover at the Nobes today.  That probably means nothing to anybody who hasn't worked in the music dept. of the Nobes, but changeover is like the one day a month when I actually had to do work, when I had to be organized and move quickly and tell people what to do.  So I guess I've done about a hundred of them over the last 10+ years.  No more for me, and I might miss them a little bit but not too much.  I'm guessing the new job will have many more opportunities for me to do work, be organized, move quickly, and tell people what to do. 

Not much else going on.  I had another dentist appointment yesterday, and I took the magic drugs that feel like they're not doing anything, and then you go home and sleep for 4 hours and when you wake up it seems like everything that happened at the dentist was a dream that you had 5 years ago.  It's pretty nice.  It sucks that it makes a dentist visit waste an entire day for me and for Jeannie (who has to drive me around and then take care of the kid all by herself on a day when we're both off work), but awesome that I can now 1) go to the dentist, and 2) go to the dentist without freaking the fuck out or feeling like I would rather die three painful deaths than go to the dentist. 

 I don't have a plan for tomorrow, which sometimes makes for a bad Sam-watching day.  The days always seem to go more smoothly (i.e. less whining) when there is a plan and an activity and some get-out-of-the-house time. 

Jeannie's reading in bed next to me.  I just ate some cheese and crackers.  We just watched an episode of Paul and Jamie, and I just drank a G&T.  Life feels pretty good.