Monday, August 05, 2013

Bubble Cocks

I must write fast because I must go clean up toys and books and pine cones out of the living room while J-Dog puts the Samsonite to bed. 

Over the weekend we went on a 24-hour vacation to stunning and tropical Frederick, MD.  We spent Friday night at a suite at the Courtyard by Marriott and ate Mexican food at a perfect Mexican restaurant and listened to Sam as he tried to go to sleep in an unfamiliar place.  He had a little trouble.  But once he fell asleep he slept through the night and Jeannie and I had a chance to watch "Orange is the New Black" and eat Newman's Own brand microwave popcorn.  Then on Saturday we hiked on Sugarloaf Mountain.  The highlight (for me) was singing a 45 minute long version of "Old McDonald" in the rain while we hiked down the mountain and pretended we were in the south of France. 

Speaking of "OitNB", J-Dog and I were in bed the other night and were almost asleep, and we were talking about "OitNB" and whether it was a book before it was a TV show, and who wrote it, and blah, blah, blah, and I told her that one day they were going to make a TV show out of my blog and did she know what they were going to call it? And she said, "Bubble Cocks."  Or maybe it was "Bubblecocks."  Anyway, I found it funny.  Why would they call a TV show made from my blog "Bubblecocks"?  You'd have to ask Jeannie.  She mostly didn't remember the conversation the next day. 

I went and helped with the strike for the summer shows today.  It's become quite a large operation.  Good to see how it's done so I can hopefully figure out how to do it next year. 

My folks are coming to visit this week.  Must straighten up the house.  And porch.  And yard.