Monday, March 04, 2013

What Are You Looking For in a Pope?

Why is it that when the Jeanners and I have a kid, and life feels interesting and actually worth writing about, that there seems to be no time or energy for writing?  Well, I will say that I am sacrificing much-needed sleep in order to stay up and write in this blog (although I'm also sacrificing much-needed sleep in order to stay up and drink this much-needed G&T). 

What's been going on?  This:

1.  work
2.  keep an eye on Sam and change his poopy diapers and give him food and keep him entertained
3.  little tiny steps of progress on the house

For the past few months Jeannie and I have been trying to decide what type of flooring to have in our kitchen, when here Sam goes and makes the decision for us:  our kitchen floor will be made of stepped-on Cheerios and corn puffs ground into old hardwood by shoes and feet.  

Jeannie and I have just bought tickets to hit St. Lou in early April.  I hope to take a trip to K-ville to see Ron Rybs.  Also want to spend some quality time with the fam and let them soak up the wonderful terribleness of a baby becoming a toddler. 

I purchased the TX-8050 Stereo Receiver about a week ago (nobody got it for me for my birthday) and so far really like it.  Next step is to buy some speaker wire and set up some speakers in the kitchen so I can blast my fucking Car Talk in several rooms of the house. 

The post that I just linked to in the previous paragraph is called "BTC's", and I have no idea what BTC could possibly stand for except "Big Time Cocksucker."  That might have been what I was thinking when I wrote the post but then again it might not. 

I ate too many peanuts today.  Tummy ache.  A lesson never learned.