Saturday, November 30, 2013

No. Carolina

The family and I got back from North Carolina this evening, where we were visiting Jeannie's brother and meeting his fiancee.  Jeannie's other brother came up from Florida and her dad drove out from St. Louis as well.  So we hung out there for a couple of days, and had a fairly relaxing Thanksgiving, and Sam did surprisingly well in the car, especially today.  Today he slept for the first 2.5 hours of the drive and then just kinda hung out and listened to the music and looked at books and played quietly with toys in his car seat.  Very little fussing.  It was awesome.  Very thankful for that. 

What else?  Jeanners is gettin' her wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, which I am anticipating to be sucky for her, but I will try to keep her entertained as best I can. 

Had a nice little visit with the Beej on Tuesday night before we left.  Always good to see the Beej, and things seem to be rolling along pleasantly for him.  Wonder where he will end up? 

The time between now and Christmas should be very busy, work-wise.  Good busy, though, hopefully.  And the first holiday season of no-retail.  Huzzah!