Sunday, December 25, 2011

Medium Whoop.

Merry Christmas.

This morning at about quarter to nine I got up, threw on some clothes and headed to church. See, there is a big old church near our house, and I've been wanting to see the inside of it because I like big old churches with stained glass and nice ceilings and all that shit, and the one time that I went to church there (while my parents were visiting a year or two ago), they had mass in some, like, conference room or church annex or something like that, probably because there aren't enough parishners to have church every week in the big church or something like that. So anyway, I figured the other day that they might have a Christmas service in the big church, and if I was awake and motivated I might check it out. So I did. And it only took like 2 minutes to get there, which was pretty awesome, and they sure enough were having mass in the big church. So I got to check it out, and it is nice and big and old and pretty, and I stayed for half the mass and then I jetted out. Don't worry, I said prayers for all of you fucking pagans out there.

And then I came home and fixed a delicious egg and bacon and biscuit breakfast for me and the J-Dog, which we ate at the left-over candlelit table from last night. This, by the way, is what our candlelit dinner from last night looked like:

And then after breakfast the Jeanners and I headed over to Robert E. Lee park for an outdoor stroll, and then came home and took a nap, and then ate dinner, and then worked on our kitchen floor. I'd say it was a pretty damned good Christmas.

Oh, and my brother-in-law, Jake, gave me some Superman underwear for Christmas. Sort of like adult underoos, with the S-symbol right on my junk.

Tomorrow: back to work.