Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2X the FUN. 2X the LOVE.

So far, having 2 kids is NO FUN.  It has been made more NO FUN by the fact that #1 child has been sick and throwing up every other night, and that he has not been to the babysitter in a few days.  And really, he's just at an age where he's a big ol' dick.  Pardon the expression.

#2 child hasn't been too bad, although really Jeannie is the one that shoulders pretty much all of her demands thus far.  It has been nice having a warm, soft newborn to cuddle with for the last few days.  And really, she just sleeps, and eats, and poops, and then squeals until you rock her back to sleep.

I have no idea how the juggling of work and the demands of these 2 children is going to happen once Jeannie and I go back to work.  NO IDEA.

Jeanners and I are gonna eat and watch Downton now.