Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chunky Beef

I just erased a large rant about why I feel like the world is becoming a stupid place to live.

The Jeanners and I got some good work done this weekend - parts of the house are actually starting to look like parts of a house. I'm starting to feel a little run down. I've started making a list of things I need to get done every day. I hate that shit. I'm not a list-maker by nature. I like to not have a plan and just figure shit out. But I seem to get a lot more done when I make a list, and I think there's a lot to get done right now.

What I need right now: a four day weekend spent in Ohio with the Schluetermetz' and Uncle Rico, with one day in the middle where Jeannie and I take off by ourselves and get massages and DQ Blizzards.

I also wouldn't mind another steak dinner from Applebee's. Did I mention that Jeannie took me to Applebee's a few weeks ago and it was just about the best thing I've ever eaten? I know I shouldn't like Applebee's, and mostly I don't, but jeez that was a tasty steak.

I am waiting for impending rainstorms. I am also procrastinating.

Breakfast for dinner?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

King Duncan Donut

Remember the last time I wrote? I'm guessing it was a week or so ago, and I remember writing that I was very, very, very tired of working on drywall. I also know that Jerns and I have been working on drywall pretty much every day since then. Jesus, am I tired of working on drywall. The main problem is that I'm just not very good at it. It takes me 5 passes with the knife when I know it would take somebody who was good 1 pass with the knife. And theirs would look better. Frustrating. But, only a few more days and then we'll be done (with the rooms we're working on right now, anyway), and we can start priming this shizzle.

Jeannie and I watched The Hustler the other night. I had seen it when I was a kid, and I remember liking it. The other night it was OK. Better than The goddam Bucket List, which Jeannie made me watch a few weeks ago. Next up in my Netflix movie watchin' list: Die Hard. Never seen it.

My folks are going to be coming out for a visit in a few weeks. Hopefully it will not be a repeat of last year. The plan is to go down to the Eastern Shore and stay out of the house as much as possible. I am cautiously optimistic about the visit.

Jeanners is buggin' me about letting her use the computer, so I guess I should go. Plus, I gotsta poo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Butterhorn Swirl, or, Saturday Night When Buttholes Fight

I am very tired of working on drywall. Very, very, very tired of it. Unfortunately, about 2/3 of our house still needs to be drywalled. Oh well.

Went to a 50th birthday dinner for Ian last night. It was a good time. It was at an Asian fusion restaurant that had lots of neon-ish colored lights in it and the place made me feel like I should've been wearing a sportcoat with rolled-up sleeves and doing lines of cocaine off of a mirror while a Don Henley song played in the background.

I am totally procrastinating. I should be doing some sanding right now. Or mudding. Ugh, I don't want to. Don't make me.

My new favorite video, courtesy of Brian G:

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Korn was in town for a visit, so she and I and Brian G got together, and they came over to the neighborhood to check out the house and then hit Los Amigos for mediocre mexican food and drink.

What else? Not much. The Jeanners and I had a fun time last night working on some drywall and blasting some tunes. We had a nice run of a few songs in a row that were good and pumped. Good workin' music.

It seems to rain here all the time now -- the remnants of whatever current tropical depression is breaking up down in the Gulf.

Tonight Jerns and I did a stack of dishes that was taller than [here I came up with three possible conclusions to this statement, none of which are very funny. Feel free to use a conclusion of your own. 1: your mom. 2: my mom 3: the height of my ballsack from the floor.]

I had to google "ballsack." I thought it was spelled "ballsac," but it seems "ballsack" is the preferred spelling.

Tomorrow: work and drywall.

Thursday: drywall and work.

Friday: work and drywall.

Saturday: drywall.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Moo Pants

Today at work I was tired as hell, so during my 15 minute break, I went into the managers' office and took a quick nap in one of the office chairs, during which time a co-worker of mine was having a phone conversation in the same room. When I woke up, I asked her if she had used the expression "MOO PANTS" during her conversation because that phrase was in my head when I woke up. She said she hadn't.

My 11 days of work in a row is now over. I'm going to celebrate by not standing up for the next 3 days.