Sunday, March 02, 2014


Lil' dude went pee pee in the potty today for the first time.  Pretty cool.  Although, lately I've been realizing that helping him try and go to the bathroom in the potty is going to be more work than just letting him piss/shit in his diapers and then changing them.  Everybody always talks about how hard potty training their kid is -- do they mean it was hard for THEM (the parents?)?  If so, this is a swift kick to the parenting groin, and one that has caught me a little bit by surprise, although it probably shouldn't have. 

What else?  Jeanners and I got to go on a date Friday night, to see a play by a local theatre company that also recently (within the last few years) renovated an old building downtown and turned it into a new theatre.  So I got to scope out their place and see how it differs from ours, and see any similarities (they were both designed by the same architecture firm).  More differences than similarities.  But I liked their space.  Their production was a little too well-produced for my taste -- perfect set, perfect lights, perfect costumes, good acting, not a hair out of place -- but the whole did not add up to more than the sum of its parts.  But it was good to get out, and seeing someone else's work has made me think a lot about the work WE'RE doing --  what should change, what shouldn't change, etc. -- and it was nice to check out their building and compare and contrast. 

Some big work decisions coming up -- picking a phone system, picking an A/V company, making some lighting inventory decisions, figuring out if there's money to buy a lift or if there isn't money to buy a lift.  Things like that.  Basically, my job is to figure out where all the stuff that isn't already paid for is going to come from.  It's been fun so far, but now that we're getting closer to the time when all this stuff actually needs to get installed it's getting a little scary. 

I guess that's all for now.  We're expecting snow and ice so who knows if I'll be going to work tomorrow.