Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Like Father, Like Daughter

My little girl has been squirting out a ton of poop lately, and worrying the babysitter that she might have some sort of bug, so I got to stay home with her (the daughter, not the babysitter) for half of today and bond a little bit.

She's pretty much the perfect kid, especially since she's been sleeping better lately.  Moving her out of our room and into our back bedroom has been a positive experience, thus far.  

Samuel, however, has been a tremendous pain in the ass at bedtime lately.  When he doesn't have a nap, things go pretty smoothly, but when he has a nap (and he naps during the 3 days a week he's at school), bedtime drags on and on and on.  But, other than, that, he's pretty damned good.  He really only has problems when he's at home.  At school and whenever we're out of the house he is absolutely perfect.  At home he can be a dick.  Not sure exactly why that is, other than familiarity and maybe boredom.  Not sure.  Something to work on.  

Work is fine right now.  I'm in a 3 week not-super-busy period.  Just normal busy.  Which is nice.  Feels a little bit like a vacation.  

Jeannie is crashed out next to me on the bed.  I should probably go to sleep, too, but I'd like to have one more drink.  At least a half.  I woke up last night and couldn't get back to sleep, I think at least partly because my brain wasn't melted enough and was thinking about work stuff.  

Alright.  Gonna go.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bring Out the Gimp

Samuel got his cast off last week.  He now walks with a fairly pronounced limp, like a WWII veteran or something.  It kinda breaks my heart a little bit.   But he's able to walk around, and can do stairs as long as he's holding on to a railing or a hand, and he's been enjoying his re-acquired freedom.  He got some new, light-up shoes yesterday, which is one of the things that he's always wished for.  He's also always wished for a toy trash boat (he sees the trash boat when we go to the harbor and the boat is driving around pulling trash out of the water).  I have looked, and I think that a toy trash boat doesn't exist, so I don't think he'll be getting that one.

Finishing up a long, crazy-houred week at work.  Hopefully next week will be less crazy.  But yesterday we discovered that the building next to ours is replacing a damaged transformer at exactly the time that our next show is opening, and that when they shut off the transformer is will cut power to our building.  So that's a bit of an issue that we need to solve before Friday.

Nothing else to report.  Tired mired.  Ready to join the Jeanners in bed.