Sunday, August 30, 2015

Samuel Vs. The Automobile

So Samuel got hit by a car yesterday.  Scary, scary stuff.  He's OK, he's got a broken leg with a big ol' cast that goes from his toes up to his mid-thigh.

We were going to his first soccer game, and we parallel parked across the street from the soccer field.  Jeannie got Samuel across the street to the field, and then she and I went back to the car for Anna and her stroller.  For some reason, Samuel decided he wanted to be back at the car with us and ran into the street.  A nice old(er) lady was driving by and hit him (neither Jeannie or I saw it, so we don't know exactly how it happened), and she stopped, and the car going the other way honked their horn to get our attention, and then Samuel started crying, and I looked over and he was sitting in the road, starting to cry.  And Jeannie went over to him, and I went to talk to the lady who had hit him to reassure her that he would be OK and that she hadn't done anything wrong, and then Jeannie said that we had better take him to the hospital to get checked out.  So I picked him up and that's when I noticed that his ankle was cut and that his soccer shoe and shin guard had sort of disintegrated in some spots.

So Jeannie drove him to the ER and I drove home to get bear and night-night (don't ask).  We had driven 2 cars to the game because I had to leave from there to go to a work function.  I met them at the hospital as they were going into an exam room, and the doctors and nurses were all great, and Samuel did a really great job except whenever anybody tried to actually touch or examine him or do anything to him.  And then he would scream and thrash and if he knew curse words he would have been cursing us all out.

But anyway, X-rays, blah blah, he needed a cast, blah blah.  Him freaking the hell out as they tried to put the cast on him.  Wrapping him up like a burrito and holding him down.  Him telling us all that we were doing bad things and that we were bad people.   And then totally crashing and falling asleep and snoring and sweating.

So that was our morning yesterday.  Just wanted to journal this experience in the ol' Logos de Capitan.