Saturday, July 26, 2014


What life was like today:

Got into a small fender bender.  Stopped paying attention and totally rear ended a man in town from the Philly area who was taking his daughter to look at Hopkins.  Samuel says we "bumped into another car."

Came home.  Took a nap.

Mowed the lawn.  Trimmed the sidewalk all nice.  Always feels good to trim the sidewalk, although I only do it about once a summer.

Took a shower.  Clipped toenails.  Brushed, flossed, water picked.  Always feels good to clip toenails, floss, and water pick.  Brushing feels good, too, I guess, but is done often enough that it's forgettable.

Played with the dude a little bit.

Went to Chipotle with J and the dude.  Walked through Charles Village and walked to sculpture garden outside the art museum.  Art and Fart Museum.

Came home.  Walked in the door as the sun is setting behind the lush, out-of-control-a-little-bit garden and freshly mowed lawn, with bees and other bugs swirling and hovering in the light.  Sam and Jeannie walking up the walk as I am going in the door.

Fighting with the dude to get him to brush his teeth.