Sunday, October 26, 2014

There are lots of songs in this boat.

Tonight I'm having what I like to call my "Russian Dinner," which consists of alcohol (usually beer but tonight G&T), and bread with butter.  I call it my Russian Dinner because it's what Dostoevsky always describes people having for meals in his novels:  beer and bread.  It probably goes without saying, but I usually only eat this when Jeannie is not home for dinner for some reason.  Also, it's not what Sam had for dinner.  Although I did take him with me to the liquor store today, where he gleefully told the other patrons that we were buying gin.

He has been an absolute terror at bedtime lately, probably because he was up too late because we had stuff going on.  Normal bedtime tonight, though, and he went down ok and so far hasn't woken up too much.

Last night we went to the Patterson Park lantern parade, which he loved and I enjoyed as well.  Not sure if I was gonna like it, but I had a pretty great time.

Richard II opened last night, and looks pretty good, I think, so now it's on to the next one:  A Christmas Carol.  I was feeling pretty stressed about CC, but tonight I sat down and made a build schedule and am feeling much better about it.

The Jeanners took some time off last week and was able to trim out the windows in our bedroom.  It's quite awesome.  Someday when we're old(er) and gray(er), and we finish this place, it's going to be pretty nice.  

What else?  Been feeling incredibly incredibly lucky lately.