Saturday, December 08, 2012

I would like to catch up on sleep, you cocksuckers.

You know, I thought that once the kid started sleeping through the night that life would get rosy again and I'd never feel sleepy again.  But it turns out that because he wakes up every day sometime between 4 and 5 in the morning, I'm just as tired now as when he was waking up at 2 in the morning and then going back to sleep until around 7 or so.  Damn you, baby boy!

Here's what I want:  elves watch the baby for about 2 days, Jeannie goes away (if she was here I would want to hang out with her.  Plus, her incessant coughing has been keeping me awake), and I sleep for 2 days.  I think 2 days would do it.  Get me caught up.  I just need a little catch up.  Probably I should just go to bed right now. 

Everybody's been sick lately, especially Jeannie, and me only a little bit.  It's felt like for about 4 days now that I was about to get sick, but then I never actually get sick.  Just sinus pressure in the head and a little congestion and the hint of a sore throat in the mornings.  Jeannie had the full blown thing with running nose and coughing and bleagh and blarg (meaning just general crappiness).  Sam had runny runny with big snot bubbles coming out of his nose when he laughed or breathed. 

Work has not gotten shitty yet, but shittiness is looming on the horizon, like a flock of crows ready to take a collective dump on the windshield that is my work life. 

Weird thing is that I've actually been having trouble sleeping when it comes time to make sleepy sleepy.  I get into bed and start thinking about too many things, and I have the damned Travolta/Newton-John christmas CD running through my head.  Ugh. 

Enough for now.  Bastante. 

I'm now going to send my mom an e-mail with a video of my kid taking a bath.