Sunday, July 29, 2007

(I'm gonna) go upstairs and eat a bear claw.

Last night The Jeanners and I took the train downtown and met P. Kilpatrick and Theresa at the Orioles game. Which was fun and a nice change of pace. I got to drink my overpriced beer and eat my not-so-super super dog (though in the name of frugality and moderation I opted out of the nachos). It was kinda strange because the Orioles were playing the Yankees, and the stadium was pretty packed (which usually doesn't happen because the O's, well, kinda suck) [sorry, Elizabeth] (but they won last night!), and there were just as many Yankees fans in the crowd as O's fans. It's kind of an East Coast phenomenon, I think, because the cities are all so close together, that not everyone in a city roots for the same team. It still feels strange to me and kinda wrong, because in St. Louis, pretty much everybody roots for the St. Louis teams, the way God intended it. Anyway, baseball is pretty boring, but it's nice to go sit somewhere strange with friends.

When we got home there was a message on the machine from Korn at the B&N that they had apprehended a shoplifter who's been hitting our store for (at least) the past few days. I found him on the video footage yesterday, and showed him to Korn when she came in, and on the message she said that he came in again last night and she called the manager who called the police who came in and detained the guy, but they weren't able to arrest him or anything because there was no footage of him actually leaving the store with the merchandise. But still, it was nice to actually catch somebody, thanks to Korn's vigilance. Way to go, Korn!

I also heard from Elizabeth, who doesn't know a Mr. Cramer, and after I described him she deduced that it was, infact, Mr. CRAVEN who sent along his hello.

Oh, and our TV broke last night. We're gonna try not getting a new one. Last night we ended up watching MAD ABOUT YOU on Jeannie's computer in bed. Yes, we own MAD ABOUT YOU on dvd. And we like it, too.

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Anonymous said...

YAY! me...first week on the new post and im catching them left and right haha...not really...just a little FYI too the yankees fans come down from new york they dont live here...kelly knows plenty of ppl that come down to watch the games cause its so close...anyway see you some time