Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ghosts of High School Past

Tina B. and her man-friend, Dan B., visited last night. As previously reported, Tina B. is a friend from high school that the J-Dog and I had lost touch with and hadn't seen for 15 years. She's been living in Chicago since around 98' or so. It was really nice to see her. She seems to have aged in the same ways that the J-Dog and I have aged: a little more mellow, a little less wide-eyed, maybe a little quieter. But still fun and creative and down-to earth. It was just good to talk to her. I think if we all lived in the same place, we would all still hang out. Unless she thought the Jeanners and I are freaks or something. But anyway, it was really good to see her and catch up. And she and her fella are a really cute couple, and he's very laid-back and nice, and an interesting guy to talk to. It was good to meet him.

So -- hopefully it will not be another 15 years before we see Tina B. and Dan B. We now know that they are in St. Louis for a lot of the holidays, so we will make the effort to get in touch when we head that way.

Things we need to get before we have overnight guests again: suitable guest pillows. It is embarrassing to offer someone a pillow that smells kinda like it's been stored in your rectum for the last coupla years. It would also be nice to have a door up on the spare bedroom.

It's rainin' like hell right now. It's been rainin' like hell off and on for the last few days.

Had a run in yesterday at work with a crazy lady looking for "work" (not a job), but who refused to fill out a job application. Finally, she said, "Look. Just tell me, yes or no. Is there anything I can do here where I will get paid a hundred and fifty dollars, TODAY?" I had to tell her no. I should have told her that if she finds such a job that she should let me know because I, too, would be interested in throwing my hat in that particular ring.

Anyway, I think the Jeanners wants to check her shit (online shit, that is), so I will bid you a fond adieu.