Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mayans Lie

The Jeanners and I are back home after spending a few days in St. Louis for Christmas.  It is good to be home, good to have Sam back somewhere familiar where there's room to stretch out a little bit, and time to take him outside, and time to just sit and play and have life get back to normal.  The traveling and X-mas parties and such really threw off his schedule and he was waking up in the middle of the night, ready to start his day, and just made him a little bit crazy.  Which made Jeannie and I pretty exhausted for a lot of the trip (except for when Jeannie's Mom took Sam for a few hours and I got to take the greatest 4-hour nap of my life.  Seriously, it was the nap that I've been waiting to take ever since the little Dude's been born.), and a little crazy, too.

Work ended up being not too damned bad this year, probably the most pleasant holiday season I've ever had there.  No real pain-in-the-ass customers, adequate # of people scheduled, etc.

My favorite parts of the Christmas break were:  getting to spend some time with Jerns' brother and Grandma, both of whom were staying at Jeannie's folks' house, hanging out with E. Elz and J. Knese sans Sam and feeling a little bit like the hip adult that I no longer am, and chatting with some nieces and nephews about relationships and how generally sucky it is to be in your twenties and faced with some life decisions that seem to be (and I guess are) monumental and life-defining.  Anyway, I do not envy any of them right now, and I'm glad my twenties are over and that I made a few big choices back then and that the choices seem to be working out pretty well.

Katie the World Traveler will be at our home soon, fresh from the wilds of Africa.  It'll be good to catch up and see the girl again after an absence of a few months.

It feels good to be home!  I don't even mind being up before 6 this morning because I am up before 6 in my own damned home!