Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dumplings? Yes.

I think that Dumplings? Yes. would be a pretty good album title. 

Anyway, I'm about to eat a ginormous plate of leftover chickn' n' dumplins' sitting atop a fluffy bed o' mashers.  Probably about 1.5 pounds worth.  The C&D were made by Jeannie's Mom while she was staying here (she left this morning), the mashers were made by moi

So yes, the Jeanners' mother has been here for the last 12 days, and it's been great, as her visits usually are.  Great because for the last 12 days we haven't really had to worry about dishes or laundry or childcare, and great because some days we got to sleep in until 7 or 8, and also great because Jeannie's Mom is a really easy person to live with, and we're able to be comfortable and be ourselves and everybody I think enjoys it all very much.  As an example of the comfortable-ness:  yesterday I was outside working in the yeard, and Jeannie and her Mom were in the back bedroom with Sam, and I peeked in the window and Jeannie's Mom said, "Look, a burglar!" and then Jeannie said (to me):  "I'll burgle you right up your butt."  And then I had to assure Jeannie's Mom that Jeannie was only joking and that my butt had never actually been burgled.  Anyway, just the type of interaction that we're able to have that we wouldn't be able to have if, say, my parents were here. 

While J's Mom has been here, both Jerns and I have been working a lot.  The Jeanners will probably be pretty busy at work through the end of next week, and maybe a little longer -- it's her busy season.  I should be relatively un-busy at work for the next month or two, right until we start getting into the deep shit for Christmas. 

I wonder what we'll do for Turkeyday this year?  I wonder what we'll do for Christmas? 

Sam-o is sleeping. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 AM Eternal

For some reason I thought that "3 A.M. Eternal" was a PM Dawn song (even though, now when I think about it, I remember the lyric "KLF is gonna rock you").  I'm glad I googled it before posting about it in this blog because if I hadn't I would've looked like a sucka. 

Well, it's a little after 3 in the morning and I'm sitting up on the couch eating a protein bar and it's not even baby-related, dammit.  (Meaning that the sitting up isn't baby related, not that the protein bar isn't baby related.  Although the protein bar isn't baby related, either, now that you mention it.  But the fact that I'm sitting up at 3 AM and it's not baby related is what's bothering me.)  Thinking about work.   Not really worrying, just replaying stuff in my head.  It's been a busy week, I've been working as an MOD by myself for the first times this week, and on my very first day as a solo MOD we had a 4 hour visit from a group of head honchos including the VP of loss prevention for the company.  I think I came off as a little bit harried at times but pretty well at other times.  Ugh.  It's sad to care about a job that you don't care about. 

Jeannie's Mom is visiting right now, and it's a great time for her to be here because work has been so busy this week.  Then my folks are coming for a visit in early September. 

MOD, in the context I used earlier, stands for Manager On Duty.  After googling it, I see it can also stand for Minister Of Defense.  Just wanted to add some clarification. 

I should go back to bed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tharty Fahve!

Today's my 35th birthday.  I passed the day thusly:  going to work in the morning, coming back home at around 9:00am, opening cards and presents from Jeanners and Sam, farting around on the computer, napping, going back to work at around 5pm, coming home, talking with the Jeanners, feeding Sam, trying to get him to go to sleep, getting him to fall asleep on the living room couch, getting a fucking cricket out from under the radiator in our rear bedroom because it (the cricket) was driving me fucking crazy, putting the cricket outside, carrying Sam into his room, settling down to record all of this wonderfulness for posterity. 

Sam got me $50 for my birthday, to put towards my purchase of an Onkyo TX-8050 stereo receiver.  What a guy. 

The other night (last Sunday night), when I went out with my co-workers for drinks after work, I had 3 beers at the bar and 1 beer at home, for a total of 4 beers.  Spread out over about 3.5 hours.  And I woke up on Monday with a pretty substantial hangover, and the hangover was mostly gone by the end of the day on Monday, but a piece of it still lingered for the rest of the damned week.  What gives??? I can only surmise that someone must have slipped me some sort of drug, probably because they wanted to have their sordid little way with me.  I've narrowed it down to Jeannie or Brian G. 

The Jeanners got me The Koran for my birthday.  I'm spelling it the way it's spelled on the book, so if you don't like it direct your complaints to the book, please. 

Jeannie's mom is going to be coming out this weekend and staying for about a week and a half.  I'm looking forward to it.  It means that the Jeanners and I will get to go on some dates, and also I might be able to get some stuff done around the house. 

It's been a good year.  Weird to think that right around this time last year we were starting to figure out that the J-Dog was preggers. 

Ok, I'm gonna go now. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012


Just got in from Atlanta this evening, where we spent the last 3 days.  The Jeanners had to go to a bit of a conference for the Habitat, and I was able to take the days off so I tagged along. 

Stayed in a very nice, very tall hotel.  We were on the 43rd floor of like 75 floors.   The view from our room looked like this:

I liked it.  Made me feel like Scarlet Johansson in Lost in Translation.  Especially when Bill Murray kissed me. 

Yesterday I spent the day with my Aunt and Uncle, which was fun but much too long of a day. Today I hung out around the hotel and drank a chai latte that made me a happy boy. 

Other things that happened:

I said these things to either my son or my wife.  You make the call:  "Are you choking on that?"  and  "Let's stick that in your mouth rather than your eye." 

I watched an adult male on the plane home tonight work his way through a book of word searches.  Seriously?  Are word searches for adults?  Are there other adults out there that work on word searches?   Also, he was using a highlighter to do the word searches.  Strike two. 

Our plane was a bit delayed and we sat on the runway for 2 hours.  Not a fun thing to do with a baby.  He used up all of his nap on runway sitting.  Luckily we were sitting next to a very chatty, nice, baby-lover.  

The cool kids trash the hotel:

Bedtime for Bonzo!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Go the _____ to Sleep.

Hmmm.  Sam's schedule seems all messed up the last day or so.  Not eating real well, not sleeping real well.  Which makes him get hungry like every hour, and then fall asleep as soon as he starts eating.  Ugh.  Tough on the Jeanners.  She's trying to catch a few more ZZZ's before she gets up to head off to yoga class at 10:45 this morning.  Will she go?  I think she probably will.

I'll be heading into work this afternoon, maybe going out for a drink afterwards.  Haven't had drinks with any work folks in quite awhile (since January), mostly because there are a lot of lames working at the Nobes these days. 

The Jeanners and I will be heading to Atlanta in a coupla days.  She has to go for work, and I am travelling as child care.  We will only be there from Tuesday to Thursday, but it will be nice to get away for a little while.  I've got an aunt and uncle living there that we'll be meeting up with.  I am now going to google the hotel and check out the amenities.  Hoping for sauna or steam room.


I get the impression no sauna or steam room.  But that's OK.  It looks like a snazzy hotel.  I can (sniff) make do without a sauna or steam room.

I cut the grass the other day and did one hell of a trimming job.  I feel much better about myself.

Reading the Carolyn Cassady book is making me feel like I'm going to go on a Kerouac binge next.  But I'm also jonesin' for a re-read of Infinite Jest.  What to do?

I've been enjoying the new Bobby Womack album, even though it's pretty weird.  90's beats, a kinda nasal old-ish black man singing, and sparse piano.  But it all adds up.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This page has been redesigned to better meet your banking needs

That's what was at the top of my online banking page today.  And in my head I said to it, "Fuck you, you don't even know me." 

Today I stayed home with the boy and then went into work this evening, came home and had a few minutes chatting about the day with the J-Dog on the bed, and now she is asleep and I am in the living room checking my shit and drinking a G&T and eating crackers.  It was a good day.

Tomorrow:  meeting about theatre-building stuff, hopefully cutting the grass.  Our yard has gotten to be a bit disgraceful this summer:  garden is a complete overgrown mess, grass has gone unmowed for too long several times, and weeds are running rampant in all of the planting beds. 

Watched a funny episode of CHEERS yesterday.  It was the "Woody, I'm going to steal your girlfriend," one. 

Jeannie and I are going to Atlanta next week.  Oh, and we're bringing the baby with us.  It is weird now that I cannot properly describe our plans by saying, "Jeannie and I are going to __________."  That I now have to include a third person in that sentence.  Not sure I like it yet.  I like having a baby, though.  He makes me very happy. 

I'm reading a book right now that I really like a lot:  Off the Road, by Carolyn Cassady.  She was Neal Cassady's wife, and the book is basically an autobiography of her time with Casssady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg, and it's really interesting to hear the stories of these adventurous men from the perspective of the wife who continuously got left behind with the kids.  And yet who was also a definite part of the group, and a part of the writing and the letters and the scene that kept the whole thing going.  If you're a Kerouac fan and have gone through all of his stuff, it's definitely worth a read. 

I should go to bed.  If this meeting tomorrow is anything like the last one, I'm gonna have to get up early just to try on all my different outfits before I find one I like. 

Does anybody actually read this thing anymore?