Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stones and Gas

The title of this blog is going to be the name of the new cereal that J-Dog and I are gonna sell.  If you'd like to invest, PM me.  (PM means "private message.)

I have been having some very whack-ass dreams lately.  Like, every night.  One dream I had the other night featured the line, "The biggest turds come from the littlest buttholes."  In another one I was given a George Foreman Grill as an end-of-the-year PSR class gift.  (PSR stands for Parish School of Religion and was a class that I had to go to as a kid every Monday night to learn about the Jesus.  It was because I went to a public grade school that I had to go to PSR.  Actually, it was because my parents made me.)

The Jeanners' super crazy busy time at work is over, thank god. 

Sam continues to transform from a baby to a little boy.  He's running around and falling and jabbering and seems to be doing OK. 

We've been trying to get little things done around the house during the summer (we've made a list of things we want to get done by the time I have to go back to work in September) and I am amazed at how long each little job takes.  For example, in order to put the trim up around one doorway, these are the steps (and when paired with the hurdles of watching Sam and only working around Sam's sleeping schedule, each step takes about a day or two):

1.  Strip the door jambs.
2.  Put jamb extensions on the door jambs.
3.  Clean up and sand the door jambs.
4.  Strip the trim.
5.  Sand the trim.  
6.  Prime the trim.
7.  Paint the trim. 
8   Install the trim.

So that's about 8-10 days of work for 1 doorway.  And really, it's still not done then because you have to go back and fill all the holes and caulk and then repaint everything with another coat.  So anyway, it's kinda sucky.  And the work isn't bad, it just takes a long time.

Sam seems to be taking craps about every 3 hours.  I'm getting very tired of cleaning up poopy butts, including my own.   I'm putting the boy on an all-cheese-and-bread diet.