Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back Ridge Boys

I feel like a new person since returning from vacation.  I feel free from a lot of things I felt trapped by before - my phone, Facebook, G&T's, too much food, no exercise, my schedule, renovation inertia.

So I've stopped checking Facebook, I've stopped drinking G&T's every night, I've stopped eating exclusively crap, I've started getting up at 5 to run and not feel rushed in the morning, and I've started working on shit in our house.  It feels great!  I need the time away to reboot, I guess.

Since I'm not checking Facebook, I need an outlet for all my million-dollar ideas.  This blog will once again be that outlet.

First post-facebook million-dollar idea:  An Oak Ridge Boys album consisting entirely of Backstreet Boys covers.  Album title:  Back Ridge Boys.

Billion dollar idea:  Same thing but with the Backstreet Boys covering Oak Ridge Boy tunes.  But personally, I'd rather hear the Oak Ridge Boys do "I Want it That Way" than hear the Backstreet Boys do "Elvira."

Maybe a joint tour?

Friday, August 19, 2016


Just returned from a 'vacation' to the Lou.

Reminded of how wonderful my sister and her family is.

Working on a mashup of Radiohead and the Black Eyed Peas that I'm tentatively calling Radio Eyed Pea Heads.   The songs really only work well together for about a verse.

Took my kids to a local river today.  Good times.

Feeling motivated about all things except my job.