Thursday, December 13, 2012

Laser Light Show

Jeannie and I have changed our schedules such that she now goes in to the office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then I go into work on Thursday night.  So I'm finishing up the third day in a row of hanging with the little dude and I have to say, I'm a little bored.  Not that there isn't literally tons of stuff that I could be doing (literally - if you wrote down everything productive that I could possibly be doing on its own little scrap of paper, and then put all of those scraps of paper in a Rubbermaid [TM] tub, that Rubbermaid [TM] tub would weigh one ton), but it's just that all of the things I could be doing are 1000 times more difficult to do while watching a child than they would be if I wasn't watching a child.  So I think to myself, "Oh, I'll just hang out here with the kid, and then I'll do __________ when Jeannie's home and I don't have to watch the kid."  Except that whenever Jeannie's home I just want to hang out and play with her, so nothing ever gets done.  And I'm bored. 

Anyway, nothing too exciting going on.  Did some Christmas shopping, although I did most of my Christmas shopping this year either online or over the phone. 

The Jeanners heads to St. Louis a week from tomorrow, and then I'll be following a few days after that.  It'll be another quick trip this year, but hopefully we'll get to see everybody we want to see. 

The other night in bed I put on a laser light show with two flashlights.  It was OK.