Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blame BJ

I haven't been keeping up with the blogging. I think it might be because I might be working more hours at work during the week, thus leaving less time to do things at home. I'm not sure. Whatever. I'm blaming BJ.

What's been going on? Lots and nothing. The usual. Jeannie and I cut a big-ass hole into the wall that separates our kitchen and dining room. Kinda scary, kinda exciting.

I chose this picture because the blurriness and the way I'm standing reminds me of every picture of bigfoot. The mythical creature, not the monster truck. I blame BJ for that, too.

Work has gotten a little crazy. Got a few new people working for me, which I don't like cause I hate training new people. That's probably why I'm working more hours - so the newbies work less. Fewer, I mean. Hours. BJ, again.

Today I'm heading down to a high school in Columbia (Maryland, not South America) to help set up the set for the last shows of the Midsummer tour. Then it's off to work. Oh, I'm having to work more nights now, too, which is pretty sucky because then I see the J-Dog less.

I'm done writing, for now. I'm thinking about going back to bed for an hour. But I really need to do the dishes, too. BJ's dishes.