Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This page has been redesigned to better meet your banking needs

That's what was at the top of my online banking page today.  And in my head I said to it, "Fuck you, you don't even know me." 

Today I stayed home with the boy and then went into work this evening, came home and had a few minutes chatting about the day with the J-Dog on the bed, and now she is asleep and I am in the living room checking my shit and drinking a G&T and eating crackers.  It was a good day.

Tomorrow:  meeting about theatre-building stuff, hopefully cutting the grass.  Our yard has gotten to be a bit disgraceful this summer:  garden is a complete overgrown mess, grass has gone unmowed for too long several times, and weeds are running rampant in all of the planting beds. 

Watched a funny episode of CHEERS yesterday.  It was the "Woody, I'm going to steal your girlfriend," one. 

Jeannie and I are going to Atlanta next week.  Oh, and we're bringing the baby with us.  It is weird now that I cannot properly describe our plans by saying, "Jeannie and I are going to __________."  That I now have to include a third person in that sentence.  Not sure I like it yet.  I like having a baby, though.  He makes me very happy. 

I'm reading a book right now that I really like a lot:  Off the Road, by Carolyn Cassady.  She was Neal Cassady's wife, and the book is basically an autobiography of her time with Casssady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg, and it's really interesting to hear the stories of these adventurous men from the perspective of the wife who continuously got left behind with the kids.  And yet who was also a definite part of the group, and a part of the writing and the letters and the scene that kept the whole thing going.  If you're a Kerouac fan and have gone through all of his stuff, it's definitely worth a read. 

I should go to bed.  If this meeting tomorrow is anything like the last one, I'm gonna have to get up early just to try on all my different outfits before I find one I like. 

Does anybody actually read this thing anymore?