Monday, December 03, 2012

The Lord of the Danneriliion (or, There but not Back Again)

I am currently in the midst of re-reading a bunch of JRR Tolkien stuff.  Haven't read it since I was about 12 or 13.  Reading The Hobbit at work and The Silmarillion at home.  Enjoying them both.  It's pretty amazing how different his 3 major works are (those 2 plus the Lord of the Rings), and yet they all tell different parts of the same massive story.  Quite a body of work.  I think that the Silmarillion is my favorite.  Very lush and poetic storytelling.  Not much dialogue.  Pretty much my favorite type of writing.  I remember when I was a kid reading books I would pretty much skip any paragraph that looked like it might be descriptive, and just jump to the dialogue.  Now I'm essentially the opposite.

Also, and I know I'm about 3-5 years late on this, I have started using Spotify, which is pretty danged awesome.  I'm a little curious about how it's NOT going to prevent anyone involved in music from making any money.  Or at least prevent people involved in music from making the gobs of money that they 1) used to make 2) might have one day made 3) dream of making one day.   Still, as a listener, it's pretty danged awesome. 

The Sambone has a bit of a cold.  Poor little dude.  [He's still in a pretty decent mood, though, although I'm currently starving him a little bit to try and wait until Jeannie gets home to feed him.  Cause I know she'll be ready to feed him when she gets home and that way she won't have to pump.  I hope she's not mad at me for revealing the secret that she sometimes pumps milk out of her breasts in order to feed our young baby.]

If she is mad at me, I might erase the bracketed text, along with this and the next sentence.  If I do have to erase it, I will replace it with this sentence:

"Well, that's all I've got right now.  Gotta poop!"