Sunday, August 25, 2013


Fun surprise:

About 10 months ago, there was an option through Soundcloud (a website where I have uploaded some of my songs to share with random people) to license the songs through Getty (which is the company that licenses pictures and stuff for public use.  They do music, too.)

So I licensed the songs, which consisted of clicking a mouse a few times and sending off a tax form to Getty.  Pretty much on a lark.  It doesn't cost me anything but a stamp, so why not? 

Then I promptly forgot about it.  Completely forgot that I ever did it. 

Then on Friday I got an e-mail from Getty that said I should update my contact information and view any royalty reports that I might have, and I was like, "Oh yeah, I remember doing that.  Let me go to that site and see what it looks like."  And I went to the site and the first report that I looked at said what most reports of that nature that I've looked at say:  "No data for the specified time period."  But then the second report said that I've got royalties of $228 coming my way.  So I looked a little more in depth, and it seems that since February, 4 of my songs have been licensed (2 in the USA, 2 in France) to the tune of 650 bucks, and my 35% cut is $228.  So now I have made exactly $228 more than I ever thought I would off of those recordings.  And now I want to license everything I've ever done, cause who knows?