Thursday, January 24, 2013

If You Were on ER, Who Would You Be?

Last night the Jeanners had to take Sam to the emergency room because he rolled off the changing table while she was getting him ready for bed.  She took literally about 1 second to reach over to the left and grab a fresh diaper and he rolled right off the table.  She said that after he hit the floor he was stunned for a few seconds, then he started wailing, his eyes rolled up into his head, and he threw up.  So that was enough cause to take him to the ER, I think. 

She called me at work and told me what happened, and I met her at the hospital, and by the time I got there about 30 minutes after it had happened, he looked and acted pretty normal.  One of the doctors noticed that he had a big ol' knot on the back of his head, and that combined with the fact that he threw up made them decide to do a CT scan to make sure there wasn't any internal bleeding or anything.  So they checked him out, and everything looked ok, but they decided to keep us in the hospital overnight so they could keep an eye on him.  He's seemed fine and back to his normal, smiley, cute self.  So we got home this morning at around 10, and I pretty much spent the rest of the day in bed until I had to get ready to go to work this evening.  The Jeanners, I think, also turned in pretty early.  She's asleep now in the other room. By the way, I would also just like to say that I have reached to pick up a fresh diaper with him on the changing table about 500 times, so it's pure chance that it happened while she was here and not me. 

I actually really kinda like hospitals.  I mean, I hate being in one tiny cramped room for extended periods of time, just waiting.  And I hated the experience of Sam's delivery, but as far as the people go, and the actual buildings, I really love them.  My experience has been that the people are all really nice, or super talented and efficient and pleasantly confident, or a combination of all of those things.  And the buildings have all been clean, and efficient, and have the combined qualities of a super-insulated hush and a noisy bustle.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because I've always been at the hospital because of someone else's situation.  Maybe I wouldn't like hospitals if I was the one who was sick or if I was the one having a baby pulled out of my loins. 

In other news, my Dad went skiing for the first time today.  He's 75.  My mom got him a gift certificate to go skiing at this place near their house.  I think it's something that he's wanted to do for a long while.  He's always been pretty athletic, although in a run-all-day sort of way rather than a get-pumped-and-huge sort of way. Anyway, I am weirdly proud of him, because I know that he was excited but also nervous and scared about it, too.  And trying new things is not usually his strong suit.  So I'm glad that my Mom got him the gift, although if he had hurt himself (a pretty good possibility), I probably would've said she was crazy for giving him the gift. 

Anyway, let's all try something new tomorrow that scares us a little bit.  Also, let's avoid trips to the emergency room.  Is it possible to do both? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

2 Birds

Earlier this evening, I was going to write a blog post called "2 Birds," which referred to me going to the bathroom and writing in my blog at the same time.  I decided it was too crass, and didn't do it. 

Then the Jeanners and I watched "Sleepwalk With Me" and had a fire.  It was pretty wonderful.  We've been having quite a few fires lately, and I have to say, I'm really enjoying them.  Sitting by the fire with Jerns and watching a movie while the lil' dude is sleeping feels pretty perfect.  Although at the moment I smell like a campfire, which I'm not really a fan of.  But it's worth it, I suppose.

Tomorrow we meet Ian at the new building to map out a plan of attack for the 'day of service' on Monday, during which time a bunch of people will show up at the building prepared to clean and repair and spruce up, and it is my job to have jobs for everyone and keep things running smoothly and try and make sure that everything gets done the way I want it done. 

Maybe tomorrow morning there will also be time for Tasty Breakfast before I have to leave for work. 

Don't feel like writing anymore. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Continuing Adventures of Don & Jenny

Tonight at work I was hit by a couple of different waves of nostalgia.  Nostalgia for all the various folks who have worked in the music dept. with me over the last 10 years and who have (mostly) gone on to bigger and better things, and with whom I used to have a decent amount of fun amidst the soul-crushing boredom and soul-sucking Customers.

Then had a smack of nostalgia for the days of hanging out with Ron R. back at Truman.  Made me decide that a goal for the summer (or whenever we happen to visit the Midwest) is to take a day to drive up to K-ville and have lunch with Ron.  I haven't seen him since me and J-Dog's wedding. 

I am typing this on a new computer that Jeannie and I purchased off the website WOOT after receiving a "heads up" from Jeannie's brother (who knew that we had been looking for a new computer).  Anyway, this new computer is pretty snazzy and has a backlit keyboard that I am currently taking advantage of.  It also has a hard drive large enough to fit all of our music files, which is pretty exciting.  Now I can listen to Fischer J. Price without having to hook up an external drive.  Maybe 2 people just got that joke.


I got keys to the new building, which is exciting, although the waiting around for the full-time job to start is starting to make me a little nuts.  So close yet so far away.

I bought a CD the other day of Jack Kerouac doing some reading over some piano playing by Steve Allen.  I really like it, but I think you'd need to be a pretty hardcore Kerouac fan already in order to enjoy it.  I'm really surprised by how much he sounds like Allen Ginsberg when he's reading.  Maybe he was trying to imitate Ginsberg or Ginsberg was trying to imitate him, but there are lines where it really sounds like Ginsberg reading.

Alright, Jeannie wants to go to bed so I must stop writing or go to another room or something. 

Monday, January 07, 2013

Best Day Evah

Saturday ended up being pretty much the best day ever.  It all turned out exactly as described:  the breakfast was huge and awesome (eggs, pancakes, fauxsage, toast, juice, all covered in syrup), and there was a family trip to the market and some napping, and Nyoka came over for dinner, and we christened the new fireplace doors (which worked fairly awesomely) and watched Gran Torino, which is a movie that we've been attempting watch for like 2 years now.

I've got the next two days off work, and I'd like to get out of the house with the little dude, bu not sure what I should do.  I'd like to go somewheres indoors because the cold weather seems to be giving him some windburn on his delicate little cheeks.  I think it's probably time for him to start growing a beard.

Work has gone back to being ridiculously boring.

Nothing else going on, so I shan't bore you with unnecessary blah blah blah-ing.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Tomorrow Jeannie and I both have the day off.  We'll start it with a family trip trip to the market and then a lumberjack breakfast for the lady and myself.  Then maybe we'll try and get some shit done around the house.  Maybe it'll actually work.

Been busy at work the last week or so, getting things back to normal after the X-mas rush.  All-in-all, work was not too bad.

Had a low-key New Years'.  Katie the World Traveler and her beau, Than, came over, and we chatted and looked at pictures and ate some homemade pizza and then we were all in bed by 10:30.  Wild and crazy, indeed.  Woken up at midnight by fireworks and (presumably) gunfire.

Sam has been super cute lately.

CSC will officially take over the building downtown soon.  On the 8th we'll go in and see what needs immediate cleaning up so that we can have rehearsals in there, and also start getting it ready for a fancy-schmancy potential donor party in February.  Exciting times.

I feel like I have a little bit of heartburn, although I have there's no reason I should have heartburn.