Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lookout, DC, K-Torr be all up in ya.

Yesterday evening the Jeanners and I had a nice drive down to DC to visit with one J. Hubert, aka K-Torr, who is in town for a convention of folks who conduct choirs. It was a longer drive than usual (we were leaving from the very north side of Baltimore and heading down to the very south side of DC), but we had a good chat, and we got down to K-Torr's sweet-ass hotel suite at around 8. Headed to a nearby PF Changs for dinner and drinks and conversation, covering conversational topics such as children, therapy of various sorts, jobs, and marriage. It is always such a wonderful feeling to get together with someone that you haven't seen in awhile, who in the olden days seemed like such a unique, sweet person, and realize that they are still a wonderful, sweet person and that if they lived around the corner you would almost assuredly be calling them several times a week to go over to their house and play cards or watch a professional tennis match or borrow a wheelbarrow. Anyway, it was really good to see K-Torr. And he invited me down to attend a workshop tomorrow with one of the members of Sweet Honey in the Rock, and I ain't got nothing going on and I'd like to hang with Johnny again so I think I'm gonna head on down.

Other news:

The insulation folks came in did their insulatin' thing on Monday, and although they were able to make progress in several areas (basement, rear bedroom walls, rear bedroom floor), they discovered that anywhere where we left the plaster on the walls and drywalled over the plaster, there was not enough room behind the plaster for them to run their insulatin' hose down into the cavity to shoot their insulation wad behind the walls. So that means they couldn't/can't do the walls in our future bedroom or in the middle bedroom. And also that they won't be able to do the walls in the other half of the house, when that time comes. So we are now in the process of re-thinking what we want to do with the money that had originally been earmarked for that purpose. Not the end of the world, but definitely a snag.