Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thyroid rage

Sittin' in a big ol' Johns Hopkins waiting area, while the Jeanners is getting her thyroid delicately chopped out by a doctor who seems very nice, concientious, and competent.  Still, it's scary.  She was supposed to be done about a half hour ago, but the Doc said it could take longer and not to worry if it did.  Still, it's scary. 

I hope that she feels OK when she gets out of surgery.  I hope that she's able to get the rest she needs for the next week or so while she recuperates.  And I hope there are minimal long-term effects from this whole deal. 

We got about 29 or so inches of snow dumped on us over the weekend, so I'm glad that the surgery was able to take place at all.  And I've been kind of amazed at how smoothly the cleanup has gone.  Some years we never see a plow on our street, but after this huge storm I was able to drive to Annapolis with no problems 2 days after the storm ended. 

Ooo, she's done!  And Ok!  Just talked to the surgeon...