Thursday, July 05, 2012

Running Mix

So now this is what runs through my head while I'm at work.  (Sigh).  It always makes me tear up a little bit when I watch it.  I am becoming a sentimental sap (I guess I've always been a sentimental sap [it's why I like the sad, slow Tom Waits songs better than the loud brawlers], but I am now less able to hide it.  Or less interested in hiding it.), but I don't mind too much.  I really love the dude, and I really love Jeannie, and I really love this time of us all being together and happy.  And, weirdly enough, having a kid has made me feel younger rather than older.  I really thought it would make me feel older.  But things seem fresh and new in a way that they haven't for quite awhile. 

Anyway, this is the video I will watch when he gets older and he stops listening to anything I say. 

Jeannie's heading to work today for the first real time. 

I am crafting the perfect running mix.  It's not quite right yet, but all it needs is a few tweaks.