Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dead Rats Behind My Eyes (or Sorry, I Need You in the Butt)

Last night I had a dream that E. Elz and I were going to a concert featuring U2, Ozzie Smith, and ZZ Top. I think that Ozzie Smith was really supposed to be Ozzie Osbourne, but my dream-mind must have been confused because I kept saying "Ozzie Smith" in the dream.

The other night I had a dream that Ian was calling my references, and was talking to people at the B&N about me, and kept asking them, "Do you ever feel like he has dead rats behind his eyes?" And everybody kept saying yes.

And also last night in bed, Jeannie kneed me in the butt and said, "Sorry I kneed you in the butt," but what I heard was "Sorry, I need you in the butt." Hijinks ensued.

Also, I cannot find any good pictures for "kneed in the butt."