Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feisted Out

Today Jerns and I took a day off and headed up towards Gettysburg to visit Katie the North American Wanderer on her farm. We all drove to Fuller Lake and had a fantastic swim on a hot afternoon. A lovely little vacation-in-a-box. Meaning a short vacation.

Busy times coming up:

Tomorrow the insulation dudes come to the house and start (and hopefully finish) phase one (of two) of the insulation work. We've been working towards this day pretty much since we bought the place (almost 2 years ago!), so it feels pretty good to be getting them started.

K-Torr will be arriving in DC tomorrow. We hope to get down there for a dinner and nocturnal stroll.

Work's gonna be a little busy this week.

Bill Morrissey and Amy Winehouse died yesterday.


p.s. Feisted Out means that you've listened to too much Feist.