Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Boxers have been only moderately successful in staving off the diaper rash.  Not the overwhelming success I was hoping for.  Next step --  Nair-ing my arse?  I think things would have to get pretty desperate before I take that step.  I'm hoping that once the weather cools down and I stop sweating 24 hours a day that this problem goes away on its own.

At work we hired a guy named Russell to clean the building and help out with stuff.  Russell is a guy who worked as a temp for the construction company, hauling stuff, cleaning, and pretty much just taking care of the crap work that nobody else wants to do.  The guy works like a horse and is a really thoughtful, soft-spoken man.  As construction was wrapping up he approached me and said that when this job was over he wasn't sure if he was going to have another temp job and that he was really interested in cleaning the building for us.  Over the course of the last year I had gotten to know him a little bit and liked him a lot, so I asked around to find out if anybody on the work site knew of any reason why we shouldn't hire him.  Everybody raved about him, saying what a hard worker he is and all-around good guy.  So I told my boss that I thought we should hire him, and he's been working for us part-time for about two weeks.  He's been great.  We've had several days where we've been riding in a truck together, moving stuff between our old offices and the new building, and here's what I've learned about him:

1.  his fiftieth birthday is coming up on August 21st
2.  he believes that God is in his life but he doesn't go to church every Sunday
3.  loves chocolate milk
4.  he knows somebody everywhere we go
5.  loves karaoke and line dancing

I just got back a little while ago from going downtown with Samuel -- to the theatre and then to the harbor, and we also headed out to EZ Storage to check in the lost and found for something that a patron left at one of the shows.  Sam's been good lately, a mix of very cute and somewhat annoying.  But he's developing (I think) some good manners and imagination and compassion.  I hope.  When we listen to music, he's always asking me the names of the songs and who sings them.