Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Jeannie took this picture the other day, and yesterday at work I was just thinking about it all day and couldn't wait to get home and hang out with the lil' dude.  And the Jeanners, of course.  Partly because I like both of them and partly because work was pretty boring and my feet were hurting.

Right now it's six-thirty in the morning, and I'm sitting up with Sam and the Jeanners is catching a little bit of sleep until he gets hungry again, and he's over in his bassinet, breathing heavily and farting.  Come to think of it, that's what I'm doing, too.

I'm realizing that I've become one of those people who does nothing on Facebook except post pictures of their stupid kid, but really, I can't help myself.  And I can justify it by saying that it's for out-of-town relatives and stuff, but really it's just because I want people to think that my kid is cute.

Last night I ate 2 hotdogs before bed and it was a bad idea.

Been starting to run a little bit again.  I'm only up to about a mile during each run, but I figured a little bit of exercise might help give me a little more energy during this time of less-than-usual sleeping.  So far it's been good, except that I feel like I weigh about 1000 lbs, 900 of which are in my legs.

We are making some plans for a St. Louis trip sometime in June.  Haven't bought the tickets yet, but we're close.

What else?

We went to a fun party on Saturday with ChesShakesCo folks, thanking Scott and Lesley for their part in acquiring the building.  Took Sam along and he got to meet a bunch of different folks.  He did pretty darn well and was pretty chill the whole time.

Then yesterday Roger and Sammy and Nyoka came over and hung out with Jeannie a bit, and then I came home from work and we played a fun board game called 'Ticket to Ride.'


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hey, this is my 800th blog post.  And I started back on May 10, 2005.  So 800 posts in a little over 7 years isn't too bad - approx. 114 posts per year, so roughly one every 3.2 days.  I think I've kept you all very well informed as to the state of my lower GI.  Actually, I started writing the blog for two reasons:  1)  because I have always had a bad memory for life events, and I could feel it getting worse.  And 2)  because I found myself writing the same e-mail to multiple people, filling them in on the things that were going on.  And so I started writing the blog so I wouldn't have to write the same e-mail 5 times.  And the blog has been successful on both fronts - whenever i have trouble remembering something I can usually go back and check what I wrote about it on the blog, and I definitely send fewer e-mails to people, for better or worse.   The problem with a blog is that it's usually a one-way conversation, so I generally feel more out of touch with people than I did before I started this.  Oh well. 

Jeannie's Mom had been here since May 10 (the anniversary of the birth of the blog, by the way, which you'd know if you've been paying close attention), but left last night to head back to St. Louis.  It was a really great trip and I think everybody enjoyed it and was a little sad that she was leaving.  I truly lucked out in the Mother-in-Law department (and she doesn't read this so I'm not just saying that to suck up).  She's always been very cool to me, and for the last week and a half she's been a really great housemate.  So hopefully it's something she can do again in the future, because it was super-helpful for us, and I think she really enjoyed getting to spend time with Sam, and I know that as Sam gets older he'll benefit from time spent with his Grandma. 

Yesterday the insurance company paid us the 700+ dollars that they owed us that I've been hounding them abour for the last 4 months or so.  The sweet taste of victory.  Just in time for us to start fighting with them about the hospital bills for Sam's birth.  Ugh. 

I'm officially back into the grind at work and it is both more painful and less painful than it was before I left.  More painful because I care even less about being there, and less painful because I care even less about being there. 

Hmmm.  What else?  Jeannie's going to physical therapy today because her shoulder has been bothering her from feeding a burping Sam, and she's had shoulder issues in the past that PT has helped.  So her Mom and I took over as much of the burping duties as we could.

I think that's it. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shoots Poop

Well, I just gave Sam his Native Aerican-style name, and it is Shoots Poop.  My guess is that that's a fairly common Native American baby name, kinda like John or James or Mary or something.  The dude's new favorite activity seems to be to wait until we are changing his diaper and then shooting his poop either on the changer, he new diaper, or the wall.  Oh well.  There's something very bond-forming about seeing the poop shoot out of someone's butt. 

Happy 1st Mother's Day to the J-Dog!  She's a great Mom (so far), everybody would be proud if they could see her. 

Today we Skype'd with my parents for the first time.  It was fine and relatively uneventful.  Thanks to my nephew for walking my Mom through setting up a Skype account. 

I went back to work yesterday, which was painful at first but then not too bad.  It seems like right after I got back, the first thing that happened was that everybody told me all the stuff that went wrong while I was gone, so I spent the first few hours dealing with all of that stuff, and then after awhile I was able to settle back into a more normal work day. 

Off to the grocery store!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

KKK Duck

Hey folks.  Just sitting here hanging with Sam, who is sitting on the couch next to me, loading his britches repeatedly.  This kid has some supremely loud farts and poops, like hear-them-from-the-other-room loud.  I doubt that this factoid surprises anyone. 

Tomorrow we will be picking up Jeannie's Mom from the airport.  She'll be staying wth us for about a week and a half, which is pretty awesome because I will be heading back to work on Saturday, and it will be nice to have an extra pair of hands around to help with stuff, and nice for Jeannie to have some adult company at home while I am at work.

Right now there's a song out that I am enjoying:

I heard them yesterday on the 'World Cafe.'

Tonight we gave sam a bath, and he has this little hooded towel, and Jeannie said he looked like a 'KKK Duck.'

That's all I got for now.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Big News

The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company closed on this building today:

Pretty darned exciting.  Congrats to all involved.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Morning-time (or, I Love This Jong)

It feels earlier than it is.  Which is 8:30.  Feels earlier.

Sitting on the couch, Sam is sleeping/gurgling/chugging/sighing over in his little rolly bassinet, The Jeanners is sleeping in the bedroom, the birds outside are singing and the world seems to be waking up, although the traffic out on Walther isn't very loud yet.

Yesterday we had a really nice visit from Aimeeudio, The Beej, and Abby.  They came over to meet the lil' guy and hang out and then went and picked up some Chipotle for lunch.   Very nice to chat and see the Beej and get to know Abby a little more.   And, of course, it's always good to see the A-Train.  This is my hope for her:  that she finds another job but does not decide to move.  Note - the last part of that hope is purely selfish. 

My stomach just growled and it made me remember that we're out of bacon.  And biscuits.  Ugh.  And the morning takes a sinister turn.  Then for breakfast it shall be:  eggs, fauxsage, potatoes, cheese.  Cooked in a scramble.  Perhaps pancakes. 

Had a dream last night that I moved to Chicago.  Also had a dream that I was at a park with BJ, Pat, Ian, and Lesley and that I was playing basketball with a 7-foot-tall basket.  Awesome dunks. 

Ugh.  Tummy growls have become intolerable.  Sam sounds asleep.  Time to start on b-fast.

Friday, May 04, 2012


J-Dog and I just got done watching the movie Milk with little Samuel sandwiched between us on the bed, so I guess you could say it was his first movie, although he slept through most of it.  Already taking after his mother's glorious propensity for falling asleep during movies, plays, etc.

It seems this week has been all about milk, really.  Our schedule has revolved around it and not much else.  Which has been kinda nice.  I don't know when the next time that Jeannie and I both have 3 weeks off work with not much to do will happen, so we've just been trying to enjoy each other's company, and enjoy getting to know the little guy, and enjoy taking care of each other.

What else?

Been transferring files off of a faulty external drive, been wrangling with my insurance company over an old bill for which they owe us $700 (and actually wrote a complaint to the Office of the State Attorney General!), mowed the lawn, did a little minor plumbing repair.

Hmmmm.  That's about it, really.  Life feels really good.  Why do we have to have stupid jobs?