Friday, April 24, 2015

Boogermouth Disease

Life continues to move briskly.  Samuel will be turning 3 on Sunday.  Anna is growing like a monster and is smiley and cuddly and sleepy.

We've been doing R&J matinees for high schools for the last few weeks, which hasn't been too bad.  Actually, kinda nice, because there's like a 3 hour chunk of the day, after the kids get here and they're watching the show, when it's kind of impossible to get any work done except e-mailing or cleaning the shop or something relatively low-stress like that.  We've got 3 weeks left of that, I think.  
Next big task is building the summer show, which will commence on May 23rd.  In the meantime, I've been arranging inspections and license renewals and some masonry repairs that are going to take 2 months to complete and other boring building shit.  

Been enjoying the show 'Bloodline' on the ol' Netflickas.